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Attention: adress esckaz.ueuo.com has been stopped in 2006. Main address of the site is esckaz.com
Eurovision-Kazakhstan (ESCKaz.com) -
is independent expert project. Established in 2001.

Prime source of Eurovision related information in Russian and English languages - "Delivering Eurovision News First"

Awarded "Eurovision Hero" Eurowebby award for 2006-2007 season, four-time finalist of Millennial awards, nominee of 5 Eurowebby awards 2005-2006 and 7 in 2006-2007, including Best Overall Eurovision website and Best Eurovision News Site, most visited Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 website,
the only Russian language Eurovision resource officially accredited at the contest, operating for CIS, Europe and the Rest of the World.
Chief-editor: music expert Andy Mikheev, Almaty, Kazakhstan. About the site.

Main events:
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Eurovision 2009, 12-14-16 of May 2009, Moscow, Russia Junior Eurovision 2008, 22nd of November, Limassol, Cyprus Eurovision Dance Contest, September 6th 2008, Glasgow, UK Eurovision 2008,
20th, 22nd and 24th of May 2008,
Belgrade, Serbia
Eurovision Dance Contest, September 1st 2007, London, UK

Participating countries at Eurovision Song Contest 2009:
Albania; Andorra; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Latvia; Lithuania; FYR Macedonia; Malta; Moldova; Montenegro; the Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; United Kingdom; Ukraine

Latest news from Junior Euroweek from 16th till 22nd of November in ESCKaz blog from Lemesos


29/01 Romania 2nd 1/2
31/01 Norway 2nd 1/2
31/01 Lithuania 1st 1/2
31/01 Iceland 4th 1/2
31/01 Slovenia 1/2
31/01 UK Final
31/01 Finland Final
31/01 Romania Final
31/01 Denmark Final


Everything about Belarus in Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, website in collaboration with Belarus Broadcaster.

Exclusive and entertaining history of Russian participations in Eurovision, from scandals to achievements.

Eurovision celebrates it's anniversary - read what was before.

Attention - this year ESCKaz OGAE club is being transformed into OGAE Rest Of The World club, thus we're inviting any Eurovision fans, the residence doesn't matter, to become a member of official Eurovision fan club, receive all OGAE benefits, participate and vote in OGAE contests, and receive the very latest ESC related information from our club.

Eurovision - Belarus Eurovision - Russia:
history of Russian participations in ESC 1994-2007
History of Eurovision Song Contest 1956-2000 Join Eurovision Fan Club OGAE

CIS participants at Eurovision and Junior Eurovision:
Russia: Mikhail Puntov, Dima Bilan 08, Alexandra Golovchenko, Serebro, Masha & Nastya Tolmachevy, Dima Bilan, Vlad Krutskih, Natalia Podolskaya, Yulia Savicheva, Tatu, Prime-minister, Mumiy-Troll, Alsou, Alla Pugacheva, Andrei Kosinskiy, Philipp Kirkorov, Youddiph.
Ukraine: Victoria Petrik, Ani Lorak, Ilona Halytska, Verka Serdyuchka, Nazar Slyusarchuk, Tina Karol, Greenjolly, Ruslana, Oleksandr Ponomariov
Belarus: Daria, Alina & Karina, Ruslan Alehno, Alexey Zhigalkovich, Dmitry Koldun, Andrey Kunets, Polina Smolova, Kseniya Sitnik, Angelica Agurbash, Egor Volchok, Aleksandra and Konstantin, Volha Satsyuk
Moldova: Geta Burlacu, Natalia Barbu, Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R, Zdob Si Zdub
Armenia: Monika Manucharova, Sirusho, Arevik, Hayko, Andre
Georgia: Diana Gurtskaya, Mariam Romelashvili, Sopho Khalvashi
Azerbaijan: E.Huseynov & S.Javadzadeh

Additional info:

Archive of Eurovision 2000-2004

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Interactive messageboard, have your say!

Archives of Eurovision Song Contest Junior Eurovision 2007, 8th of December, Rotterdam, The Netherlands "Heavy metal Eurovision", 4th edition, June 2006 Messagebord, links, contacts and other info

Exclusive interviews:
Marissa (The Netherlands, Junior 2008), Bzikebi (Georgia, Junior 2008), Dasha, Alina & Karina (Belarus, Junior 2008), Monika Manucharova (Armenia, Junior 2008), Victoria Petrik (Ukraine 2008), Daniel Testa (Malta, Junior 2008), Bobi Andonov (FYR Macedonia, Junior 2008), Madalina and Andrada (Romania, Junior 2008), Elena and Charis (Cyprus, Junior 2008), Jeronimas Milius (Lithuania), Deep Zone & DJ Balthazar (Bulgaria), Morena (Malta), Sirusho (Armenia 2008), Geta Burlacu (Moldova 2008), Kraljevi ulice & 75 cent (Croatia 2008), Tereza Kerndlova (Czech Rep. 2008), Ruslan Alehno (Belarus 2008), Lina Joy (Lithuania, JESC 2007), Mariam Romelashvili (Georgia, JESC 2007), Cute (Malta, JESC 2007), Frida Sanden (Sweden, JESC 2007), Rosica & Dimitar (Macedonia, JESC 2007), Arevik (Armenia, JESC 2007), Ilona Halytska (Ukraine, JESC 2007), Alexey Zhigalkovich (Belarus, JESC 2007), 4Kids (Romania, JESC 2007), J.Vaananen (Finland, EDC 2007), G.Svistunavicius (Lithuania, EDC 2007), Andy & Kelly Kainz (Austria, EDC 2007), Magdi Ruzsa (Hungary 2007), Sopho Khalvashi (Georgia 2007), Les Fatals Picards (France 2007), Eirikur Hauksson (Iceland 2007), Elitsa & Stoyan (Bulgaria 2007), Dado Topic (Croatia 2007), Bonaparti.lv (Latvia 2007), Anonymous (Andorra 2007), Kabat (Czech Rep. 2007), DQ (Denmark 2007), The Jet Set (Poland 2007), Hayko (Armenia 2007), Natalia Barbu (Moldova 2007), Olivia Lewis (Malta 2007), Wisdom (Hungary 2007 preselection), Wendigo (Hungary 2007 preselection), Pantommind (Bulgaria 2007 preselection), Katra (Finland 2007 preselection)
, Cosmos (Latvia 2006), Ich Troje and Real McCoy (Poland 2006), Polina Smolova (Belarus 2006), Andre (Armenia 2006), Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006), Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006), Sidsel Ben Semmane (Denmark 2006), Kate Ryan (Belgium 2006)Fabrizio Faniello (Malta 2006), Daz Sampson (UK 2006), Sibel Tuzun (Turkey 2006), Christine Gulbrandsen (Norway 2006), Tinka Milinovic (Switzerland 2006), Marco Matias (Switzerland 2006), Geir Ronning (Finland 2005), Sistem (Romania 2005), Wig Wam (Norway 2005), Zdob si Zdub (Moldova 2005), Donna and Joe (Ireland 2005), Angelica Agurbash (Belarus 2005), Chiara (Malta 2005), NOX (Hungary 2005), Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005), Laura (Lithuania 2005), Feminnem (Bosnia 2005), Gulseren (Turkey 2005), Walters and Kazha (Latvia 2005), Glennis Grace (Netherlands 2005), Global.Kryner (Austria 2005), Jacob Sveistrup (Denmark 2005), Marian wan de Wal (Andorra 2005), Aline Lahoud (Lebanon 2005), Andrei Kosinskiy (Russia 1996), Linas and Simona (Lithuania 2004), Jari Sillanpaa (Finland 2004), Jonsi (Iceland, 2004), Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Aleksandra and Konstantin (Belarus 2004), David D'Or (Israel 2004), Chris Doran (Ireland 2004), Sean Wong (Voice of Asia 2002, Astana 2003)

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