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Song Participant Ptc Plc
I do Nicola 10 5
All too young Vank 15 2
Povestea unei mingi Class 0 17
Daca Vrei, Poti Sfinx Experience 5 10
Mama Terra Proconsul 8 7
Tell Me Why Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel 19 1
Together as one B Brothers 2 14
You know it Alina Sorescu 3 12
EA Spitalul de urgenta 12 3
Liberi No comment 0 18
Lacrima Voltaj 7 9
Mama Valahia 11 4
Frunza Kappa 3 13
Spune mi Candy & Gaz 8 8
Fluier Gianina & Quartz 0 15
Ce vraji mi al-facut Kripton 3 11
Vino-n somnul meu Sfinx Experience & Laurentiu Niculescu 0 16
All I want Luminita Anghel 10 6
winner was chosen by 50/50 televote/jury




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Monica Anghel winner of Romanian preselection and winner of Voice Of Asia 2000.
Моника Ангел- победительница румынского отбора и конкурса Азия Дауысы 2000
Моника Ангел - лучшая румынская певица, часто называемая "Золотой голос Румынии". Закончила популярную школу искусств, обучалась вокалу в США. С 1989 года 8 раз побеждала на фестивале Мамайя, фестивалях в Австралии, Финляндии, Македонии. Выступала вместе с Хулио Иглесиасом и Рэем Чарльзом.

Марсель Павел- очень известный румынский исполнитель, обладающий прекрасным голосом. В этом году он был признан лучшим певцом Румынии. Его первый хит - это "Frumoasa mea" Овидия Коморнича. Его последний альбом "Я хочу, чтоб ты была рядом". Одна из его песен "Где ты?" была избрана лучшей песней года.

Romania's most celebrated singer.She is also called "The Golden Female Voice of Romania". Graduated from a popular School of Art, went to a vocal class in USA. Since 1989 has become a winner of Mamaia national festival pop music 8 times. Won general awards in contests in Australia, Finland (Lahti), Macedonia (Makfest), Golden Stag. She was on the same stage with Julio Iglesias and Ray Charles.

Marcel Pavel is a very good  Romanian singer, with a beautiful voice. This year was elected as 'The best male voice'. His first hit was "Frumoasa mea" by Ovidiu Komornyc. His latest album is "Te vreau langa mine" (I want you near me). One of his  songs: 'Unde esti?'(Where are you?) was chosen as the best song in 2001.

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We're behaving like two strangers
In the glowing night

We have lost so many feelings
In this endless spite

If you want to go away
Now I must obey

But for my part you'll remain
Always in my heart

Tell me why
Why I have to say goodbye

Was our love only a foolish lie
Tell me why
Your eyes are cold and dry
No more tears, no more fears
Nothing more to share together

Tell me why
We have to say goodbye
Why we broke our wings in flight

Tell me why
Couldn't we just try
To forgive and believe
We can reach the sky

Tell me why
We have to say goodbye

Was our love only a foolosh lie
Tell me why
Your eyes are cold and dry
No more tears, no more fears
Nothing more to share together
Tell me why
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