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Site's Ranking

In this table we present you expert points for all contest songs in 4 categories. In each of them maximum point is 10.

Please remember that this ranking is stricktly unofficial and has nothing in common with the contest itself. It just expresses opinion of site's webmaster. If your favourite song got not enough points that is meaning nothing but ranking author having ears problems. Don't mention it - the most important thing is your- listener's-opinion. One opionion is always subjective. Vote during final and your vote will be counted and may be it will be casting, i.e. decisive

If you want to express your opinion, agree or disgaree with author -mail me

Final Results - 38: Romania, Finland, 35: Malta, Switzerland, 34: Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, 33: Sweden, 33: Greece, Israel, 32: Spain, France, 31: UK, 30: Austria, Bosnia, FYROM, Belgium, Croatia, 29: Estonia, Turkey

  Music Lyrics Vocal Result after 3 categoties Live perfomance Sum
One - Gimme Cyprus Dance rhymes are used maximally 9 Not bad. I only wish less Gymme's. 9 Training should help. Probably. 7 First starting position is second best place to win. 25 Not a bad start, agressive style of singing.9 34
Jessica Garlick - Come back  UK Ballad 100% 8 The same as music. So it fits. 8 Nice in some parts 8 UK is always OK 24 Bad, I expected  more.7 31
Manuel Ortega - Say a word  Austria Some dance, some ballad 7 Too much of 'Say a word' but rather OK 7 Not so good as I hoped. 7 No real chances 21 Nice perfomaance, first-rate work.. 9 30
Michalis Rakintzis- SAGAPO Greece Something difficult to describe 7 So-so. I wish Michalis to turn to songs not written by him. 7 Great vocal for pooooor song. 10 Will struggle not to relegate. 24 The same style, perfomance fully adjusted. 9 33
Rosa - Europe's living a celebration Spain Not so good as I wished 8 Also not the best choice 7 Vocal is very nice, but... 9 ... song is nothing special. 24 Rosa not so bad, but back-vocals should be trained more.8 32
Vesna Pisarovic - Everything I want  Croatia Nicely balanced with lyrics. 8 Absolutely OK, but translation... 8 Nice singing. 8 English  version is too bad to have a chances of winning 24 Awful perfomance, the worst so far.6 30
Premier-Ministr - Northern Girl  Russia Following ESC rule I wan't rate russian entry. I would only mention professionalsm of music and nice changes in the rhymes during the song. I wish all the best for Russia this year!
Sahlene - Runaway Estonia Rather middle:so-so. But I said the same  about last year winners 6 Worth more consideration. Basicaly rather interesting 8 Very similar to Ines 2000. Surely song suits vocal  8 Not a favourite, but not outsider either. 22 Poor..7 29
Karolina - Od nas zavisi   FYROM National rhymes not  help song. 6 Hope  for English version which will help lyrics.8 Not great, but rather nice 7 Chances are not great. 21 High level perfomance.9 30
Sarit Chadad - Let's light a candle together  Israel Great music 9 Not a good mix of languages. 7 Nice, but nothing special 8 Not bad, not bad 24 Gave a work-out.9 33
Francine Jordi - Dans le jardin Switzerland Pretty, but nothing more. 7 In the garden of my soul your heart is in flowers...

Lyrics is really wonderful both in French and English. 9

Very strong voice. Seems to be good  choice. 9 Would have chances billingual variant would be prefered 25 Main surprise of the night, marvelous.10 35
Afro-dite - Never let it go  Sweden Very professionally composed. 9 Not to fit music 100 per cent. 7 Very nice vocals. 9 Recall last year song. Placing the same 25 Dissapointing, didn't proved their abilities to sing live.8 33
Laura - Addicted to you Finland Easy to remember   from very first listening   9 Very nice lyrics. Good example of lovestory. 9 Exellent performance. Best choice in last 5 years.  10 If coped with emotions should be one of favourites. 28 Top level, no shortages.10 33
Malene W. Mortensen - Tell me who you are Denmark Nice rhymes  in  chorus, but not in all song.  8 Get off the mask and show me who you are...

Nice, but misses something. 8

Vocal is very good built for 19 years old girl. 9 Don't think that it would qualify in top-three again, but chances are rather good. 25 Failure and not in a perfomance, but in arrangement.9 34
Maja Tatic - Na jastuku za dvoje - Fairytales about love  Bosnia Really awful mix of styles. 7 Ruzica missed the thing 6 Nice in chorus, good elsewhere 8 Chances are very few  21 Second surprise of the night.9 9
Sergio & The Ladies- Sister   Belgium At last something of another style. But is this worth it? 7 I don't quite like lyrics 6 Vocal is probably the only thing in song 8 Seems outsider. 21 Could have done better.9 30
Sandrine Francois - Il faut du temps  France Slightly boring 8 My voice is my weapon...

Global lyrics 7

Sounds OK. 8 Not top 23 Not bad.9 32
Corinna May - I can't live without music   Germany Very melodical and rhythmical. 8 Nice, but nothing special 8 Vocal is great, but not background singing 9 Great chances for Germany. 25 Start was really week but improved in the end.9 34
Groop "Safir"   -Leylaklar doldu kalbime Turkey Not very good music. Should be more better to have more chances. 5 Lyrics are only thing saving this song. I wish English version would be sang. 8 So-so. I dislike singing in chorus(if it is) greatly but other parts are rather good 7 Bad choice. Especially after Sedat Yuce.20 Stable.9 29
Ira Losco- Seventh Wonder   Malta Music is very professionally written. 9 But lyrics don't fit the song. 7 Great vocal. Nice choice of singer but not of a song 9 One of favourites. 25 No doubt best perfomance of the day, I was shocked.10 35
Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel - Tell me why  Romania Almost ideal 9 I cried all the way listening 9 Marvelous!!! It couldn't been better 10 Favourite from all sides 28 Wonderful, vocals and style..10 38
Sestre- Samo ljubezen  Slovenia Nice rhymes especially in chorus. 8 Lyrics are special ballad style 9 Vocal is built rather strongly. 8 Don't think about prize. But it will attract attention no doubt 25 I expected more.9 34
Maria Naumova - I  wanna  Latvia Special rhymes to make song hit. 9 Not the best part of a song 7 Great singing 9 Should be at the top 25 Very complicated choreography, no mistakes.9 34
Aivaras - Happy You  Lithuania The best part of a song. 9 Nice, simple, easy to remember 8 Not so great as song is. 8 Good choice after B'Avarijia 25 Not bad.9 34

Final Results - 38: Romania, Finland, 35: Malta, Switzerland, 34: Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, 33: Sweden, 33: Greece, Israel, 32: Spain, France, 31: UK, 30: Austria, Bosnia, FYROM, Belgium, Croatia, 29: Estonia, Turkey

Popular charts

So... This part as most of you have already understood is devoted to different charts run by various ESC fan sites. This is in no way a complete list.

After-contest charts. Vote now!!!

Euro-votes running now Vote! Rating all songs   
Euro-Planet running now Vote! Jury method   
Eurovision Madrid running now Vote! Usul  

Final results of precontest charts

First we wan't to present very special chart, which is trying to guess correctly the winner of the contest by using quite a lot of parameters. This is EsChart - produced in cooperation between number of Eurovision sites, which also include our site.

EsChart 2002 Estonia, Sweden, France Bosnia, Belgium, Switzerland considering everything 22.05

Other charts and polls.

Chart Top 3 Bottom 3 Procedure Updated
ESC Chart Sweden, Germany, France Switzerland, Romania, Belgium other charts as jurys 25.05
The Big Poll Sweden, Spain, France Romania, Lithuania, Latvia Jury method (5000+)
Euro-Planet Sweden, Germany, France Bosnia, Belgium, Switzerland Jury method(24) (571)
Eurovision Song Contest Statistics Sweden, Germany, France Romania, Bosnia, Belgium Usual (1281)
EuroNet Sweden, France, Germany Switzerland, Romania, Bosnia Usual (1222)
Sweden @ Eurovision Germany,Sweden, France Bosnia, Lithuania, Belgium Jury method(23) (336) France, Germany, Sweden Romania, Turkey, Switzerland Jury method (1796)
Eirovision Cyprus, Greece, Denmark Lithuania, Bosnia, Romania Usual (392)
Eurobosnia Chart Sweden,  Germany, Denmark Switzerland, Romania, Austria Usual   
Eurovision Madrid Sweden, Spain, Germany Bosnia, Romania, Belgium Usual (352)
ESC News Israel, Germany, Cyprus Bosnia, Turkey, Romania Usual (173)
The House of Eurovision Sweden, France, Germany Romania, Bosnia, FYROM Usual (211)
OGAE Germany Germany, Sweden, Russia Bosnia, Belgium, Romania Usual (959) Cyprus, Greece, Russia Bosnia, Romania, Slovenia    (199)
OnEurope Germany, France, Sweden Romania, Bosnia, Switzerland    14.05(719)
E'Song France, Germany, Denmark Turkey, Switzerland, Austria Jury method (25) (144)
Eurobosnia Jury Sweden, Denmark, France Austria, Belgium, Switzerland Rating all songs    
Our chart is not including polls which are made by choosing only one or two favourite songs, like you do in our site's poll, and polls with only few voters (less than 100). If you want to be informed of all polls top 10 standings - we recommend you to use special site ESC Chart which is keeping complete listings of all polls available in the Net and tracks all stats.
By David & Miguel

Site "Eurovision Madrid"

Winner is Karmen Stavec (Slovenia)

Also we invite you to take part in very exciting game. The National Finals Song Contest consists in a competition between all those songs that participated in the National Preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest and didn't make it to the final. You can  become one of the jurors.
The Revival Contest- another National Finals game run by KAP from Eureka

Game is over. Winner is Javiera (Sweden)

All entries in the national finals that did not win are in a new national final where fans may vote for their favorites. The winner will go on to the Revival Final. The voting will be made one by one, one national final at a time.

Preselection top 10

Here in this chart we present you top 10 of preselection songs (that didn't qualified to the final), chosen by our site.

Male vocal Female vocal
Boris Rezhak - Ti i ja smo mogli sve (You and I could do anything)- BIH (4th place) Ira Losco - One step away - Malta (3rd place)
Goran Karan - Jos uvijek vjerujem da ljubav postoji (I still believe that love exists) - Croatia (runner-up) MLV & Not4Sale - To be together - Greece (runner-up)
Geir Ronning - I don't wanna throw it all away - Finland (3rd) Mia Martina -Nemoj danas (Not today) - BIH (runner-up)
Boris Novkovic - Elois - Croatia (3rd) Karmen Stavec - Se in se (More and more) - Slovenia (3rd)
Lawrence Gray - What happened to our love - Malta (4th) Pegki Zina - Love is a wonderful thing - Greece (3rd)
to mention also: Barbados (Swe), Friends (Swe), Jacques  (Cro), Loud9 (Aus), R.Difartas&Dreams (Lit) etc. to mention also: O.&D.Pirags(Lat), A.Donmez (Tur), Aika (Fin), Anika (Slo), N.Axisa (Malta) etc.


EK prediction

We present three kinds of prediction. 1st one is our site's prediction of the final scorecard (below); 2nd  is our site expert analysis of the songs (for more please click here), and 3rd one is result of the voting of visitors (more- here).

So prediction of scorecard goes like this: Sweden, Germany, Estonia, France, Denmark, Russia, Croatia, Finland, UK, Spain, Malta, FYROM, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovenia, Israel, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Switzerland, Bosnia, Belgium, Austria.

Oops! For real results click here

But! I took 4th place in prediction contest of site esc And that was only one point deficit from 2nd place. For full results take a look here.

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