Sandrine Francois is a newcomer to the French music scene. Aged just 21, she is achieving a dream by appearing for France in the Eurovision Song Contest. Just a few years back during a TV documentary about fame and those who aspire to it, Sandrine was interviewed and spoke of her ambitions, Eurovision was certainly top of her list
As a child, Sandrine was always singing. Her friends have recalled that she sang non stop, it was always her dream to work in music.
Although she had always pinned her hopes on music, her family were less sure. Her mother warned her she would never get anywhere if she steadfastly continued to pursue her dreams. Coming from a devoutly Catholic family, there were worries that the music business was filled with unsavoury characters who might lead her into bad ways.
This didn't stop Sandrine, who was soon singing in a cabaret club in Paris where she had her big break in 1999 when spotted by TV producers filming for a documentary series. She was soon courting offers from record companies. After a few years working on material and a restyling of her image, she is finally getting her big break with a song written by one of the most successful team in French music today.

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FranceСандрин Франсуа- новичок на французской музыкальной сцене. Будучи всего 21-летней, она уже достигла своей мечты - представлять Францию на конкурсе Евровидение. Лишь несколько лет назад во  время съемок документального фильма о славе и о тех,  кто стремится к ней, Сандрин говорила о своих амбициях, и Евровидение стояло первым в ее списке.
С детства Сандрин любит петь. Ее друзья вспоминают, что она всегда пела без остановки и всегда мечтала о работе в музыке.
Хотя Сандрин всегда питала надежды о музыкальной карьере- ее семья была менее уверена. Ее мать предупреждала, что если Сандрин будет продолжать думать только о музыке, то ничего вообще не добьется. Ее семья строго придерживалась католических традиций и беспокоилась, что прогнивший мир шоу-бизнеса может завести не туда, куда надо.
Однако это не остановило Сандрин, которая вскоре стала петь в парижском кабаре, где она и была замечена продюсерами документального сериала в 1999 году. Вскоре она стала получать многочисленные приглашения от записывающих компаний. После нескольких лет работы над материалом и созданием имиджа она стала сотрудничать с одной из самых успешных команд в современной французской музыке.

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It takes time
To learn to smile
To learn to grow up
In the middle of a battle
It takes time
To hang high
Stunted ideals
But we’re not here yet
I fought for that
In my voice I clasped
All those words that frighten us
When we don't hear them
I fought for that
In my arms I clasped
All those women who weep
It takes time
So they say… they say!
We speak and write
And war sells.
It takes time
No! We really have to want it!
Mr. Gandhi is dead
Will he be dead for long?
I'll fight for that
Here and now
I don't have time any more
I have only one life in front of me
I'll fight for that
How will I fight
Peace is just a child
Who cannot walk straight
I'm just a little soldier
With no weapon but my voice
But I'll cry out for you
My dove, for you
I'm just a little soldier
Now and down there
But thousands of voices
Will cry out with me
I'll fight for that
Here and now
I can hear the wind rising
But who will stand up
I'll fight for that
How will I fight
They say it takes time
But thousands of voices... will cry out with me
Il faut du temps
Pour apprendre a sourire
Pour apprendre a grandir
Au milieu d'un combat
Il faut du temps
Pour apprendre a aimer
Pour preter ses jouets
Mais on en est pas la
Il faut du temps
On nous dit ca... on dit !
On parle et on ecrit
Et la guerre se vend...
Il faut du temps
Mais les sourds parlent encore
Quand la poussiere s'endort
Moi je prie dans le vent
J'me suis battue pour ca
J'ai serre dans ma voix
Tous ces mots qui font peur
Quand on n'les entend pas
J'me suis battue pour ca
J'ai serre dans mes bras
Toutes ces femmes qui pleurent
Et que l'on ne voit pas
Il faut du temps
Pour pendre haut et court
Les ideaux trop courts
Qui font cracher le sang
Il faut du temps
Non ! il faut vouloir fort !
Monsieur Gandhi est mort
Est-il mort pour longtemps ?
Je me battrais pour ca
Ici et maintenant
Moi je n'ai plus le temps
J'ai qu'une vie devant moi
Je me battrai pour ca
Je me battrai comment
La paix n'est qu'une enfant
Qui ne marche pas droit
Je ne suis qu' un petit soldat
Sans arme que ma voix
Mais je crierai pour toi
Ma colombe, pour toi
Je n'suis qu'un petit soldat
Maintenant et la-bas
Mais des milliers de voix
Le crieront avec moi
Je ma battrai pour ca
Ici et maintenant
J'entends monter le vent
Mais qui se levera
Je me battrai pour ca
Je me battrai comment
On dit qu'il faut du temps
Mais des milliers de voix ... le crieront avec moi
There stands a child with an innocent face
A reflection of love in the midst of a war
She sheds a tear 'cos she can't understand
Why the fighting began and if it's worth fighting for

Our eyes were closed and we lived in the dark
But the time has arrived to awaken the night
In time she'll see that we'll get through the pain
Until love reigns supreme we must look to the light

If we get to the heart we will get to the truth
And together we'll stand for the future of youth
After all we've been through we are forever changed
We will walk in the sunshine, stronger after the rain

The price is high and we sometimes feel low
Cos we know deep inside there's a long way to go
So we move on with a force that is strong
To embrace what is right and to right what is wrong


I am only one voice but I don't shout alone
There's a thundering call like the world's never known
I have only one heart but it beats like a drum
I defend what is right, for a new day will come

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